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Physical Health & Behaviour Change Consultant

Andrew Walls

Andrew is a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach. He founded FLOW WELNESS GROUP with the intention of helping people to live better lifestyles and has worked within the industry for over 10 years. In his professional practice Andrew asserts the value of holistic wellbeing that comes from a healthy mind and healthy body working in unison. This is a combination of physical fitness, recovery, mindfulness, positive psychology, healthy attachment with food, meaningful relationships and the prioritising of oneself in order to find balance

Traditional Chinese Medicine & Herbal Medicine Consultant

Andrea Dib Caetano

Andrea offers online and in-person treatment strategies for range of chronic health conditions and psychosomatic issues.Travelled around Asia and now back home in Brazil, she works privately and in partnership with functional medicine clinics. Her treatment approach to client care is holistic, bespoke, based on a robust Initial Assessment and followed by an integration of Herbal Medicine guidance, Supplement suggestions, Acupuncture, Bach Flower Remedies and advice on a functional lifestyle.

Counselling Psychologist Specialist in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM)

Dr Pavlina Antoniou

Dr Antoniou is an accredited Counselling Psychologist with 10 years of clinical experience. In 2019 she trained in EMDR and CRM therapies with EMDR Hellas. Our bodies hold all our memories, whether we have a narrative for them or not. In order to heal any trauma that the body might be holding, treatment has to embrace the processes of all three: the mind, body and soul. EMDR and CRM focus on trauma healing and recovery towards a healthier life, body and mind.

Naturopathic Functional Medicine Practitioner

Emily Sarkies

based in Melbourne, Emily offers online consultations for Naturopathy, Nutrition and Functional Medicine. She provides a nurturing space to understand her patients health story, exploring genetics, lifestyle, dietary and environmental influences to uncover the true underlying cause of health imbalances and to provide sustainable treatment plans via nutrition education, medicinal herbalism and lifestyle enhancement, unique to the individual. Her special areas of interest are supporting those living with fatigue and adrenal conditions (anxiety, stress and burn-out), complex conditions of the gut (digestive health) as well as autoimmunity.

Flow Psychology is NOT a crisis/emergency service. As an independently functioning private practice, the clinic is not equipped to deliver In-person or Online intervention for self-harm and suicidal intent. If you feel at risk to yourself or others and require emergency support, please make prompt contact with your GP or phone a crisis helpline.

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