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Preparing for Online Therapy

If you are looking to start Online Therapy or have moved to a new location and wish to maintain our engagement, here are some tips to help make your transition, smooth and effective.

  1. Please try to be online 5 minutes before session and give yourself time to settle into the space and context of the upcoming session. For the context of therapy, your physical set-up and environment should ensure:

  2. Creating Confidential Space: Things to consider:
    • Is the space private?
    • Can you lock the door? If not, will others have access to the space?
    • Will others respect your request for privacy and not enter the room?
    • Can others outside the room hear you talking? If so, can you create white noise with a fan or other form of background noise? (Placed outside the doorway of the room you are in)
    • Consider using headphones or earbuds so that the practitioner’s voice is kept private and is only audible to you.
    If you have a hard time finding confidential space, here are some examples that others have used. These are not ideal, but should be considered secondary choices if an ideal setup is not available. If you use any of these, please:
    1. Make sure that the space is safe (physically and emotionally) for you.
    2. Being comfortable is also highly important.
    • Laundry Room
    • Walk-In-Closet
    • Basement
    • Actual last resort: your car parked in a safe, private spot. (We want to emphasize that private does not mean secluded. Please do make sure you are in a safe location)

  3. Technical setup: Things to consider:
    • A laptop or desktop computer are ideal — preferably the biggest screen size that you have available to you (that you can also have in a well-lit, comfortable, confidential space)
    • If you are using a tablet or phone, please prop up the device so that it is stable.
    • Please ensure that the camera is about level with your eyes. It may require propping up your device or monitor on other items, such as books.
    • Please make sure that your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data is functioning properly.
    • Please ensure your device is adequately charged or that a charger is readily available if you anticipate the device ‘dying’ (turning off) mid-way through our session.

Flow Psychology is NOT a crisis/emergency service. As an independently functioning private practice, the clinic is not equipped to deliver In-person or Online intervention for self-harm and suicidal intent. If you feel at risk to yourself or others and require emergency support, please make prompt contact with your GP or phone a crisis helpline.

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